Discover Singapore’s hidden gems: 5 bars you must visit and indulge

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If you’ve traveled the whole state and are now looking for bars in Singapore to have a special drinking and dining experience. You won’t be let down at all by the Southeast Asian Island city-state. You may find practically anything in almost any district to suit your tastes, including hippie pubs, lavish rooftop bars, old-world drinking dens, and stylish speakeasies. If there is anything that contributes to Singapore’s vibrant nightlife, it is this extensive network of bars that are spread across the city-state.

The nightlife in Singapore has uncovered the treasures of exquisite drinking, including speakeasy cocktail bars, boutique beer vendors, and artisan coffee makers. Singapore’s nightlife is quickly growing, with cutting-edge clubs sprouting up everywhere. With more pubs, cafés, and restaurants hopping on the craft beer bandwagon, the beer scene is not far behind. Singapore’s nightlife is mostly focused in and around the city’s core. Some locations to go out and experience Singapore’s nightlife are:

1. The Auld Alliance

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With its extensive selection of whiskies—more than 1,000 different expressions, to be exact—from nations like Scotland, Ireland, Japan, and the US, this bar is a whiskey lover’s dream come true. Even while you’ll see well-known brands like The Macallan and Bowmore, the best part of any trip is finding hidden treasures like the old, long-aged Glenturret 1977 36 YO. The 70-page menu may seem frightening to first-time customers who are unfamiliar with the universe of whiskies, but the welcoming staff is always on hand to provide information and education. Rums, cognacs, and brandies are among the fine range of other spirits that are offered to go with the whiskey collection.

The area is really attractive as well, with its brown leather Chesterfield seats and softly lighted bookcases giving it a manly, clubby ambiance that verges on stuffy. There are available taster flights that serve as an excellent place to start and are organized by taste profile and distillery. There are some genuine rarities available as well if you are knowledgeable and have large funds.

2. The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club

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One of the best whiskey bars in the world, The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club has over 1000 bottles of exceptional, award-winning whiskey from all around the world. The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club is housed within the opulent Vagabond Club and was created by renowned French designer Jacques Garcia. It is decorated with red velvet banquettes, an original art collection, and handcrafted furniture. Anyone and everyone are invited to discover the well-loved collection of perfectly created cocktails or to appreciate the art of whiskeys. Every Friday and Saturday, there is a weekly event called Jazz & Whiskey Nights where you may enjoy delicious drams with similarly silky jazz music.

Ingenious Pan-Asian cuisine with French influences is also available to guests, with options for both small and big parties. Favorites include the Sichuan Style Spicy Chicken, Cold Truffle Angel Hair Pasta, and Signature Vietnamese Beef Pho, all of which mix superbly with the masterfully created beverages at The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club. The Whiskey Library & Jazz Club also provides a membership package that grants access to the alluring Vagabond Club experience for those seeking more.

3. Employees Only

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The famous neo-speakeasy pub in New York still has a beautiful counterpart in Singapore. The anticipation mounts as you enter the foyer that connects to the main bar and eating room since it is concealed behind a fortune teller’s den. It has art deco highlights since it was built with Old World charm in mind. The sensuous ambiance will have you spellbound, but you’ll stay for the delectable cocktails. The menu was created by founding partner Igor Hadzismajlovic and combines tried-and-true New York favorites with original Singapore dishes. The latter includes Ready Fire Aim and Ginger Smash, a concoction of Flor de Caa 4YO Rum, Maraschino liqueur, and fresh lime juice.

You’ll be impressed by how delightfully light and bright the place is as soon as you enter the Employees Only Bar and Restaurant via the magical curtain. There is a certain art deco vibe, as well as a certain enchantment. Imagine a room full of bottles, a bar background that is well-lit with colorful strip lights, and cozy, old-fashioned ceiling lighting. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, with a quiet energy that builds as the night progresses on.

4. Neon Pigeon

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Although its days at Keong Saik Road are over, the hot spot is poised to embark on a thrilling new voyage as it guides the flock of diverse souls to a large new nest at Carpenter Street. With Neon Pigeon 2.0, the self-described outcasts who give traditional Japanese dishes and cooking methods fresh spins present you with a new journey.

The Raw Bar, a brand-new addition to the Neon Pigeon experience, offers a constantly-changing menu of lovely, fresh delicacies in traditional Japanese style. The extended cocktail bar at Neon Pigeon 2.0 kicks things up a notch as well, mixing and shaking drinks with a Tokyo-inspired theme. Although crushable tipples using Japanese ingredients and spirits are becoming more and more popular, sake still reigns.

5. Fat Prince

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Fat Prince is a cafe by day and a bar at night, fusing the energy of bohemian Istanbul with the sensibility of a casual bistro in Paris. renowned for its delectable kebabs and cocktails that are influenced by the nomadic lifestyle of today. The popular restaurant in the city, Fat Prince, is an obvious pick for delectable Middle Eastern food and cocktails created by their skilled bartenders. Enjoy the ambiance while sipping on a cocktail to transition from day to night. This place draws a sleek and stylish audience.

In terms of design, Fat Prince has all-out with plush velvet seats, leather-topped stools and chairs, a modern white marble bar, and classy accents like hand-painted bathroom sinks and gold trim on mirrored columns. Although the atmosphere is relaxed despite the setting being fit for a sultan, you can come here and have a fine dinner and beverages at the bar without being unduly expensive.

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