Savor Singapore’s Best: Expert’s Guide to Top 5 Omakase Menus

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Omakase complements and contrasts kaiseki, the lavish multi-course Japanese feast centered on seasonality, high-quality ingredients, and straightforward methods. But there is one significant distinction. In contrast to kaiseki, which is a highly ritualized dinner with a set ebb and flow, omakase is a customized meal where the chef decides what to prepare in the middle of the meal. The meaning of omakase is “I leave it up to you,” which is how the term is rendered.

Choose a restaurant offering Singapore’s greatest omakase if you don’t have any strict culinary preferences and want to sample a variety of cuisines. You may use this service to have the chefs make some popular Japanese foods for you. Few dining experiences compare to having a Japanese omakase dish prepared in front of you by the chef. Giving your food to the chef, who will decide on a multi-course feast displaying the greatest seasonal ingredients, is a test of trust and gastronomy. By doing this, you can be sure that you’ll have a delightful eating experience full of new flavors that you haven’t had before! To find out which restaurants offer the most well-regarded meals and chefs that everyone will like, browse our list of the finest omakase in Singapore.

1. Ki-Sho

Image Courtesy by Miss Never Full

Ki-sho, which translates to “aristocratic craftsmanship,” is a value that the restaurant thoroughly instills in each step of the eating experience it wants to provide for its customers. Ki-sho strives to be a culinary display for Japanese artisanship presented with omotenashi, from the design of the facility to the containers that hold the meals all the way down to the seasonally inspired ingredients (Japanese hospitality).  You should go to Ki-sho if you’re looking for a Japanese restaurant where you may have a formal and exclusive business event. Along with their creative Japanese food, they provide a refined and beautiful eating environment.

They provide the greatest omakase in Singapore along with a comprehensive menu that includes lunch, supper, sake, and whiskey selections. You may sample their classical and traditional Juyondai and Shochu/Umeshu offerings when it comes to drinks. The restaurant adheres to the tenet that “Food feeds the soul” and continually looks for inventive methods to please its patrons. Consider the Taihaku omakase set ($250++ per person) for lunch inspiration. Be amazed by the Kai omakase meal for supper ($450++ per person).

2. KYUU by Shunsui

Image Courtesy by City Nomads

Sashimi and robatayaki are served at KYUU by Shunsui, which opened in October 2017, using Japanese ingredients (charcoal grill). Chef Taka Suzuki is in charge of the kitchen at KYUU by Sunsui, which has an a la carte menu in addition to a ten-course omakase sashimi and robatayaki course menu.

There is a wide variety of alcoholic beverages offered, including shochu, umeshu, highballs, red, white, and sparkling wines, champagne, and more than 50 different sake brands. The enhanced menu costs $179++ per person, while the omakase course starts at $129++ per person. Here, you may eat things like wagyu beef, king crab, and truffle chawanmushi. Additionally, the atmosphere brings you back to Tokyo Izakaya.

3. The Gyu Bar

Image Courtesy by Avenue One

The Gyu Bar is a cutting-edge Yakiniku restaurant and bar style that specializes in top-quality Kumamoto-sourced Wa-Oh Japanese beef. The 35-seat restaurant is the ideal place for creating wonderful discussions and experiences for gourmet cuisine lovers and enthusiasts alike. It is located in a contemporary environment that evokes old-world grandeur. The Gyu Bar expands its menu by adding additional high-quality meats and seafood, organic rice, and sauces from specialized farmers and distinguished suppliers.

The chefs at The Gyu Bar are determined to show you how to savor the best beef, specifically wagyu, while the majority of notable omakase restaurants are focused on fish. The omakase is an examination of the many cuts, each of which is prepared to highlight the rich flavor, beautiful marbling, and delicate texture of the beef. Two separate 8-course omakase menus are available, each including a highlight of yakiniku-styled premium meat.

A 9-course wagyu-focused omakase meal using diverse local cattle is also available ($238++ per person; bookings are necessary 24 hours in advance). From Furano in the north to Kagoshima in the south, you would go through seven distinct prefectures of Japan on a wagyu voyage. Each wagyu breed is cooked in a way that best brings out the flavor of the meat.

4. Tamashii Restaurant

Image Courtesy by Miss Tam Chiak

One of the top restaurants serving Japanese cuisine is Tamashii Robataya. Patrick Tan and fellow chef/owner Max See were the two persons in charge of this. Their eatery is called Tamashii, which is Japanese for “Soul.”

Based on the tastes of its clients, Tamashii offers a variety of fresh foods. The cozy counter, which was inspired by Kappo food, is the nicest part of their eating experience. This emphasizes the importance of the diner’s or customer’s proximity to the cook. You can see how your meal is prepared and placed on your dish as a result. In addition to serving ramen and tempura, they also provide shabu-shabu to their clients. Therefore, you may go to their restaurant for a taste of Japanese tastes.

5. Ginza Sushi-Ichi

Image Courtesy by Ginza Sushi-Ichi

Ginza Sushi-Ichi was founded in the thriving Ginza neighborhood of Tokyo with modest beginnings to create their traditions. The restaurant has earned a reputation as a renowned establishment serving the finest Japanese cuisine throughout the years. In addition to the main restaurant in Ginza, locations in Bangkok and Singapore received several nominations in the coveted Michelin guide.

Currently, Ginza Sushi-Ichi welcomes passengers on board for an outstanding dining experience including delectable Japanese cuisine made from the best ingredients and prepared by their expert chefs in a warm environment. The price for the lunch omakase meal is $240++, while the price for the dinner omakase menu is $430++. Nigiri and sushi dishes are also offered.

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