7 Most Mysterious Places On The Earth

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There are numerous mysteries in the world, that have baffled people for a very long time. Some are man-made, while others are natural, yet it can be challenging to determine which is more enigmatic. While some of these secrets may have various interpretations, they essentially nonetheless remain puzzles that humanity must continue to solve. While solutions may soon be discovered, one can visit these enigmatic locations to explore and contemplate them in the interim.

Gateway to Hell, Turkmenistan

Image Courtesy by National Geographic

One of the true anomalies of this planet can be seen in Turkmenistan, a nation with a limited population and little traveller traffic. There is a place in this primarily arid area of the planet that has been jokingly referred to as “The Door to Hell.” You should either go big or go home if you want your nation to be renowned for something.

One of the places where individuals have a lot to say is The Door to Hell. Some others assert that it serves as a portal to a darker universe. Others mention extraterrestrial life. It’s critical to distinguish between fact and fanciful speculation. Here are ten facts about this unique landmark to achieve that.

The Gateway to Hell is no insignificant object. Its present area of 5,350 m2 makes it very sizable in terms of size. That is approximately the size of an American football field, for those who need a point of comparison. It makes sense why people find it difficult to avoid this enormous scorching hole in the centre of the desert.

The incredible location was first found in 1971 by a team of Soviet researchers who believed they had landed across an uncharted oil reserve. They prepared drilling apparatus but discovered gas instead. An enormous, flaming crater was left in the Turkmen desert when the ground below crumbled.

Bermuda Triangle

Image Courtesy by Travelandleisure.com

The Bermuda Triangle is without a doubt the region that mixes mystery and great peril. This enigmatic region, sometimes known as the Devil’s Triangle, is located on the North Atlantic Ocean and is bordered by Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda. 

It is thought to have swallowed ships and even airplanes with no signs of them anywhere. This gives the triangle the appearance of being a gateway to a world that humans have not yet fully explored. One idea concerning the inexplicable vanishing of watercraft in this region is that waves large enough to demolish ships occur frequently there. 

While many may agree with this explanation, it does not explain why planes that fly over the area abruptly vanished without even transmitting distress signals or how traces of the planes’ movements were left behind search efforts, the lost ships could not be located anywhere. Even credible institutions and individuals have reported on events inside the Bermuda Triangle with claims like “it was as if the aircraft had flown to Mars” and “only God and the ocean know what happened to the huge ship.” This area of the Atlantic Ocean is now the focus of an ever-growing mystery that continues to confound people.

If you told your parents or partner that you were traveling close to the Bermuda Triangle, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be thrilled! And with good reason, too. One of the world’s most enigmatic locations, the Bermuda Triangle is the hub for all lost ships, vanished people, crashed airplanes, and more.

Nobody is entirely sure why this happens every day (spoiler: it’s not luck), but it does. Sea monsters, magnetic oddities that are interfering with compasses, and even a passage to another planet are some of the theories put out by various people. Mmmmkay. Go only if you fantasize about never being seen again! (I’m kidding, the Turks and Caicos Islands nearby are very beautiful.)

Lake Hiller, Australia

Image Courtesy by My Best Place

One of the rare places on the planet that is both enigmatic and stunning is Lake Hillier. On Australia’s Middle Island, a lake with a gorgeous pink hue stands out from the surrounding greenery and the blue Pacific Ocean. The lake is situated next to the ocean. There are various hypotheses about the origin of this unusual bubblegum-like color. The most widely recognized explanation holds that the existence of an organism known as Dunaliella Salina is what gives the salty lake its distinctive color. Certain things may be better appreciated than comprehended.

The continent of Australia is distinct. The image which always enters to mind when you think of it, though, is the iconic postcard with the kangaroos, koalas, vast vistas, and coral reefs. But disregard this conventional notion; today we’re visiting another Australian beauty place. a location where nature displays one of its unique charms. Lake Hillier is its name.

The pink color of Lake Hillier is one of its most peculiar features. You did read that correctly! The pink tint of its water is a distinctive characteristic. It genuinely lasts forever and doesn’t change after being placed in a container. Most people are still unaware of the mystery surrounding why this lake’s water is tainted, despite its fame throughout the world thanks to its distinctive color.

Bran (Dracula’s) Castle

Image Courtesy by Bran's Castle Tours

You must visit the renowned Bran Castle if you have an interest in Romanian folklore and are fascinated by the tale behind the tale of Vlad epes, also known as Dracula. It is located near the entrance to the Bran-Rucar pass and is also known as Dracula’s Castle. Learn about this fascinating area and the truth and story behind the Dracula legend. We hope you’ll bring the same enthusiasm for Bran Castle that we do.

Of all, the creepy man himself—Dracula—owns one of the planet’s most enigmatic locations. Thanks to its exquisite, intricate decorations, historical architecture, and lovely staircases, the renowned Romanian castle known as Dracula’s castle has gained notoriety as a popular tourist destination. It has been closely linked to Vlad The Impaler, who is infamous for his cruel tool tactics and inhumane torture, so add to that the numerous alleged paranormal encounters.

The castle is currently a public museum including artwork and furniture gathered by Queen Marie of Romania, who used it as a royal home from 1920 to 1957. A small museum park featuring historic Romanian peasant buildings (barns, cottages,  etc.) from all around the nation is located at the base of the hill.

Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

Image Courtesy by Wikipedia

The Banff Springs Hotel had endured tragedy along with history, fame, and rebuilds since it first officially opened in 1888. Many visitors have checked in, yet a small number have never left. Some people even claim that the ghosts of the famous cement fortress in the Rockies still wander its corridors today.

The well-known Alberta vacation site is accused of being the scene of horrifying homicides, suicides, and horrible accidents over 132 years. Boarded-up rooms and reports of the paranormal are common. Many people claim to have witnessed it with their own eyes, yet some people are skeptics. The bride of the Banff Springs is arguably the hotel’s most “active” ghost; she has even been depicted on stamp and coin collections. Much like most scary stories that have been repeated countless times, the specifics have been expanded, and nobody is entirely clear about who or what occurred to the mysterious women in white.

Since 1920, the most widely accepted theory has been that a bride tripped over the hemline of her dress and fell down a set of stairs. She is frequently seen dancing across the vast ballroom while covered up. Heavy activity and other strange apparitions have been noted in room 873. Unfortunately, the room no longer exists, which is bad news for thrill seekers and Shining aficionados hoping for a 5-star scare. The hotel chose to permanently close the suite after years of individuals complaining that they were terrorized there.

Crooked Forest, Poland

Image Courtesy by Discovery

Poland’s Crooked Forest is one of the numerous natural marvels and mysteries worth exploring in the world. One of the oddest tourist destinations in the world, Krzywy Las, or the Crooked Forest in English, lies close to Gryfino, a tiny settlement in West Pomerania. Not merely because of the presence of the world’s natural marvel, Gryfino is fascinating. All of the pine trees in this strange forest are curved 90 degrees from the base, but most of them are still in good health. The trees in this little forest were planted by farmers in the 1930s, and during the 20th century, they developed in a completely unusual but similar way. There are woods with notably twisted plants throughout the planet.

The most widely accepted theory is that local farmers actively managed their development to produce naturally curved wood for use in furniture or ship construction. The fact that this process was halted by World War II could account for the trees returning to their usual shape. There are instances of tree sculpting throughout history and throughout the world. It can be accomplished using a variety of approaches. Northeastern India’s Meghalaya region is home to living root bridges, which are constructed by guiding rubber fig tree aerial roots across rivers and streams and caring for them until they become sturdy enough to support a person’s weight.

Eternal Flame Falls, USA

Image Courtesy by My Best Place

There are nine natural perpetual flames around the globe, with the Eternal Flame Falls in Western New York being the most well-known. A 75cm-tall flame flutters behind a nine-meter waterfall, whose flow changes depending on the amount of rainfall, hidden in a little grotto of shale. Over 350 million years ago, during the Devonian Period, it was formed. It burns with a rather magical aspect, although it does not stay lit. Locals and visitors may need to relight the fire with matches or light if strong winds or water extinguish it.

The phenomenon is caused by a macro seep, a location in the ground where pressured natural gas, including methane, ethane, and propane, escapes through rock fractures. A kilo of methane is released by the seep every day. There is no conversion, in contrast to most seeps where soil microbes devour methane and turn it into carbon dioxide. Instead, combustible ethane and propane in large percentages rise from a pocket 400 meters below the surface and give off a strong, rotten-egg odor.

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