7 Places in Singapore You Should Visit

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Singapore offers a glimpse into its colorful past, different ethnic neighborhoods, and old-world charm, all of which are ideal for exploring with loved ones. Singapore features such attractions that highlight the city’s illustrious multicultural past, forward-thinking modernism, and desire to balance nature with its crowded urban environment. English is extensively spoken in this country, and signboards also have English writing on them. These characteristics make Singapore one of Southeast Asia’s most accessible and comfortable nations to travel through

Are you traveling to Singapore soon? It is quite simple to explore the city and its outskirts due to an outstanding public transportation system. People who are familiar with a metro map have little trouble getting from one point to another quickly. To avoid any inconvenience, see our thorough list of the top tourist destinations you must visit. There is a plethora of attractions to explore, let’s jump to explore the exciting attractions in Singapore:

1. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Image Courtesy by The Honeycombers

The Singapore Botanic Gardens are among old Singapore’s parks and the reason why such a vast complex developed in the center of the bustling city-state is because they were initially established in 1859. Over 10,000 different plant species may be found in the park, which is also one of the world’s top breeding and research facilities for orchids. 

Despite its relatively calm surroundings, the park has a wide variety of jungle animals, including 3ft long monitor lizards. You need not worry, though; as long as they are not provoked, these reptiles are completely safe for humans. The city offers a pleasant and clean way of life, but at times it may feel like a concrete jungle. However, Singapore’s botanical gardens maintain their wilder side and provide a tranquil setting.

2. Marina Bay Sands

Image Courtesy by Marina Bay Sands

The sumptuous Marina Bay features an Art & Science Museum, a high-end luxury hotel, the Marina Bay Sands Skypark, a shopping complex with a canal flowing through it, and more. Awe-inspiring views of the entire city are available from the Skypark. The infinity pool and observation deck for The Skypark are housed on a ship that is perched atop the hotel.

The Skypark provides a simultaneous view of the port, striking skyline, ground-breaking double helix bridge, and Gardens by the Bay. Visitors and guests can stop by the rooftop café to have a cup of coffee or a snack while perched atop the city. A stunning view of Singapore is available from the Skypark, which is positioned on the rooftop deck of the famous Marina Bay Sands.

3. Singapore Flyer

Image Courtesy by Visit Singapore

If the view from Marina Bay Sands isn’t enough for you, you may also ascend the Singapore Flyer to get a better perspective of the city. The Singapore Flyer is the biggest enormous observation wheel on earth. One may pick from a variety of packages that promise to serve and pamper them as they enjoy the view, which extends as far out as Malaysia’s Straits of Johor and Indonesia’s Spice Islands in addition to the Siline.

Every one of the many available packages gives you admission to the multiney of Dreams exhibition, which gives you a glimpse into Singapore’s history and the making of the Singapore Flyer.

4. Gardens By the Bay

Image Courtesy by Planet Of Hotels

Gardens by the Bay, the most recognizable park in Singapore, is renowned for its remarkable scenery, particularly the Super Tree Grove, which has 18 vertical gardens rising to a height of 16 floors. A fantastical man-made wonder that distinguishes the metropolis from the rest of the world. To change Singapore from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden,” The Gardens by the Bay was constructed.

You will get a unique experience when you visit the location. It’s a wonderful location for a stroll with your significant other or for taking photographs for your Instagram page against the breathtaking natural backdrop. Much while it appears beautiful in the daylight, it becomes even more enchanting at dusk due to the lightning.

5. Sentosa Beaches

Image Courtesy by SG Hotels

Of all the beaches on Sentosa Island, Silo is perhaps the one that is the most accessible. This is because Beach Station, a stop on the Sentosa Express, is close by and makes it accessible. As a result, it frequently receives the most visitors on the island. If you prefer water activities like kayaking and skimboarding, Siloso is a terrific place to visit. 

Expect to see a seaside promenade filled with hip bars, eateries, and boutiques. Moreover, on Sentosa Island, west of Siloso is Palawan Beach. Palawan is the beach in Sentosa that is best-suitable for families. Expect it to be crowded with youngsters if you choose to visit Palawan on the weekend or on a public holiday.

6. Arab Street

Image Courtesy by The Honeycombers

Some of Singapore’s most well-known tourist destinations are Little India and Arab Street. These sites thrill foodies in addition to offering tourists a singular experience. It is nothing less than heaven enclosed in a unique universe. Sometimes individuals feel completely detached from the current world and transferred to a completely new and distinct universe. 

There are many places to explore on the streets, including modest boutiques, old mosques, and quaint and trendy cafés. Get a sense of the colonial era by stopping at shops selling brightly colored items, and admiring antique buildings that are attempting to tell you a few stories. Several shops are selling Indian goods and restaurants serving delectable Indian fare in Little India.

7. Changi Beach

Image Courtesy by National Parks Board

The northern section of Changi, which lies in the easternmost region of Singapore, is home to this alluring beach. The beach, a 3.3 km long length of sand, is the absolute best location for a family holiday. Bring your fishing gear and picnic supplies because anything is possible in this area.

Additionally, you may practice several water activities or land an airplane here. Bring your camping supplies so you may have a barbecue party first, then spend the night outside.

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