Pre-Sale Exclusive

Cloft is excited to announce a pre-sale giveaway to express gratitude for the tremendous support we’ve received. Our upcoming launch is going to be nothing short of amazing, and we’re inviting everyone to join us in the celebration.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win exclusive prizes by participating in our giveaway. Be sure to stay tuned for our launch and get ready to be rewarded for your loyalty and support.


Take Part in our Giveaway Today

Register your interest in our highly anticipated upcoming private pre-sale. Simply register your interest in our contact form below to receive the latest news and updates of the presale. Please note that your email and wallet address (polygon) must be the same as the one you registered when the pre-sale commences.

Those who register and are whitelisted, will be guaranteed to win something in our sure-win giveaway once you have successfully participated (completed) the presale process.

1. Register your interest in the form

2. Once you’re whitelisted, wait for the instructions for the actual pre-sale date

3. Once pre-sale has started, successfully participate by buying in your position

4. Sure-win prize will be disbursed and announced 2 weeks after official listing on a CEX

Additional Notes:

Follow us on our main channels for additional giveaways and bonus prizes that will only be exclusive to those that follow on our dedicated social media channels.
Instructions will be meted out via email &/or telegram only.


Fill in the form & stay tuned!

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