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One of Southeast Asia’s most pleasurable travel destinations in Cambodia. When you travel to Cambodia, you will discover several attractions, from pristine beaches and historical townscapes to lush woods and breathtaking rivers and lakes. Millions of tourists still flock to the fabled Angkorian temples every year. Outside of the temples, Cambodia is pleasantly devoid of tourists.

In many areas, Cambodia is still mostly undiscovered. Previously inaccessible places are now easily accessible because of new roadways. Cambodia continues to walk the line between popular tourists and unexplored eastern destinations. Enclaves like the far north and the untamed Cardamom Mountains have stayed off the beaten track without the tourists of Thailand to the west, but visitors are now gradually unveiling their tribal settlements and enigmatic Khmer temples.

For most tourists, the magnificent Angkor temples are the main draw, but the nation has a lot more to offer, featuring tropical beaches, colonial structures, and a variety of natural wonders. Here are some of the sights in Cambodia.

1. Sihanoukville

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Sihanoukville, a sizable industrial city built on a deep-water port, has fallen prey to the questionable draw of inexpensive tourism; there are many backpackers, casinos, and low-cost hotels there. However, it serves as an accessible entrance to the Koh Rong Archipelago’s adjacent islands.

The biggest island in the chain gives its name to this group of islands that spread across the opening of the Bay of Kompong Som. Koh Rong is remarkable even in a region famed for its beaches. The smooth, sugar-fine beaches extend for kilometers and feathery palm fronds offer dappled shadows on the sand, which dips softly down into stunningly turquoise seas. Koh Rong, which can be reached from Sihanoukville by a short ferry journey, has choices outside the beach. You may snorkel or dive in these waters to see schools of colorful fish, vibrant corals, delicate seahorses, and comical nudibranchs.

2. Siem Reap

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Among all the other monuments here, Angkor Thom is a very extraordinary location with ruins of incredibly gorgeous temples from a previous age. You will be amazed by the 216 stone faces of Avalokitesvara found in the 54 towers of the Bayon Temple. The earliest of Angkor’s substantial mountain temples is Bakong. According to a plate discovered at the temple, this temple, which dates to the 9th century, was devoted to Lord Shiva. The great Linga, “Sri Indraswara,” was dedicated to the inner sanctuary in 881, making this temple one of the must-see attractions in Siem Reap.

The ideal time to visit Siem Reap is from December to February when the weather is often a little milder than in other months and suitable for touring with an average temperature of 25°C. Additionally, there is little to no rain throughout this season. The hot, dry summers in Siem Reap are perfect for exploring the city because there are fewer tourists around.

3. Kampot

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At first glance, the southern Cambodian province of Kampot doesn’t seem like much. It has little, peaceful buildings that are in disrepair and broad, dusty streets. This national park, also known as Preah Monivong Bokor National Park, is situated in Cambodia’s Kampot Province. The first attraction on the list of things to do in Kampot, Cambodia, is a park of national significance that is home to a variety of animals, including tigers, elephants, and snakes. You may go hiking and discover the fauna of Kampot as well as the park’s captivating waterfall and lush vegetation.

Experience the peace of the magnificent waterfall that emerges from the enormous Bokor mountain, and get spiritual insight on the site of the monks’ former meditation caves. Among the many tourist attractions in Kampot, the breathtaking waterfall has a great deal to offer anyone seeking to comprehend what it truly means to live a happy life. Another location on our list of the top sites to see in Kampot is a temple to Lord Shiva built in the Funan style, followed by a stroll through some rice fields. The centerpiece of this historic temple, which was built in the seventh century and is renowned for its elephant-shaped stalactites.

4. Battambang

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Many bats live in Cambodia. There are 11 miles between the main city and the Battambang Bat Caves. The ideal time to go is just before dusk. At this moment, visitors may watch a large number of bats flying out of the cave. To record this moment, it is a great idea to have cameras with you. In Battambang, there exists a crocodile farm that is unquestionably a must-see destination. This farm, which is a breeding facility for young animals, was constructed alongside a river. It’s undoubtedly one of Battambang’s odder locations. Early in the morning is the ideal time to visit here.

The fact that the Damrey Sor Pagoda is constructed right in the middle of the city makes it simple for tourists to visit this location. This building is an architectural wonder, and people of all ages admire it. One of the top attractions in Battambang is this. Visitors who arrive during the Khmer New Festivities can also take in the annual local event.

5. Kep

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Kep is a great spot to unwind for a few days and take in a calmer pace of life since it is quiet—although it is progressively expanding as more tourists visit it each year. The major public beach is a large sandy cove that is well-liked by both visitors and locals, especially on the weekend whenever Phnom Penh weekenders go to the coast in large numbers.

Both the cuisine and the sunsets are spectacular. The foodies among you will go crazy for the famed Crab with Local Pepper (served at any of the cafés at the Crab Market facing the coast), which is abundantly available. During holidays and weekends, Cambodians go to the little length of foreign white sand that composes Kep beach to wade in the shallow waves or have crab and other foods while picnicking in the dappled shade. The well-kept beach is the perfect place to rent a lounge chair or an inflatable ring from any of the numerous women who stand along the coast.

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