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Not just another media group. Lifestyle magazine that empowers readers, contributors & partners. Amalgamating #blockchain (Web3) with tradition; read-and-earn / contribute-and-earn

Cloft, among the world’s first lifestyle media group that empowers contributors & readers through Web 3.0 and the metaverse.

Viewership and reviews play an important part in the decision making process of people seeking experiences, accommodations or products - but yet they are not getting rewarded fairly. Media conglomerates keep bulk of the revenue made from advertisers as well as personal data collected.

The team behind Cloft traveled extensively for business and pleasure & in the process extensively scoured the worldwide web for lifestyle needs. The idea for Cloft came as we thought, why not create something similar ourselves that can add value to everyday consumers.

As we were actively involved in blockchain, we found out we could harness the technology that could differentiate us from the crowd. Thus, Cloft was born - leveraging on blockchain, we aim to empower readers and contributors (a vital cog of the media ecosystem) through the metaverse.

Amalgamating Web3 with tradition. Reasons why people still read and watch to learn. Respecting tradition.


Past experiences / memories


Blank slate process


Known (desired) outcome


Inspirational (stage) thought process


Wandering spirit / stage

Our Statement

Cloft aims to utilize blockchain to create an ecosystem where contributors/readers are rewarded for sharing genuine content/reviews whilst advertisers get rewarded based on the true value or service they provide

We are not disruptors. We flow, spot and intertwine. We respect traditions, we don’t reinvent the wheel. We spot what not many can.

Our Roadmap

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2022 / Q1-Q2

Team formation

Concept analysis

Market research

Whitepaper curation

Initial team & advisory

2022 / Q3-Q4

Whitepaper enhancements and review

Specific blockchain marketing

Cloft brand awareness

Token genesis

Legal counsel

Community building

Private pre-sale

Official token listing

Product Alpha Stage

2023 / Q1-Q2

Product Alpha / Beta Stage

Product & service enhancement

Focus group feedback from stakeholders

Community & influencer marketing

Talent acquisition

Stakeholders outreach

Quarterly reviews

2023 / Q3-Q4

Product & service review

Focus group feedback from stakeholders

Marketing campaigns for social outreach

CSR and social kickstarts

Overseas expansion*

Application conceptualization

2024 / Beyond

Global market product/service drive

Specific brand & product enhancement

Team expansion (global)

Application review & enhancement

Series A funding

Focus group feedback

Brand social noise analysis

Campaign drive for individual verticals

Business & brand review directive

Governance driven initiatives

Whitepaper & Socials

Whitelisting (pre-sale) Interest

Interest Registration: 25th Nov 2022 till 25th Dec 2022 | Price: $0.10
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Accepted payment: USDT / BUSD / ETH / BTC / MATIC / ATOM

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