Best Wellness Retreats In The World

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With the pandemic upon us, we are facing more mental stressors and a whole lot of uncertainties. The term wellness now transcends beyond just relaxation and restoration, it encompasses physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. We have rounded up our top 6 wellness retreats, in no particular order, to recharge your soul.

Kamalaya, Koh Samui

Image Courtesy by Kamalaya

This award winning wellness sanctuary and holistic spa resort is located in Koh Samui, Thailand. They have a unique approach which combines ancient Eastern healing traditions with Western medical research. Kamalaya offers a wide range of wellness programs, including Optimal Fitness, Yoga, Weight Management, Sleep Enhancement, Detox and also tailor-made programs. 

Kamayala is located in the Gulf of Thailand, which makes it accessible to the beach. Feel free to head to the beach during your stay there, or even visit their pool facilities! Koh Samui is a place that has always been embraced by the Buddhist monks as a sanctuary for spiritual retreat, they claim that the island has a special energy that empowers and enlightens their spiritual path and allows them to connect more deeply with universal energies. Kamalaya is built around a centuries-old cave that was once used by Buddhist monks for meditation and spiritual retreat and guests are always welcome to enter this cave for meditation.

Willka T'ika, Peru

Image Courtesy by Cloudbeds

Willka T’ika lies in the Sacred Valley of Andes, north of the Inca capital of Cusco, this wellness resort is located at one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. This wellness resort synergizes Andean culture and cosmology with yoga philosophy and lifestyle. Willka T’ika is an eco-friendly resort, with their guest rooms built from local natural resources as part of their mission to be responsible to the environment. Their renowned Seven Chakra Garden is said to have symbols, shapes, sculptures, colors, and medicinal plants that resonate with each of the seven chakras, or energy centers, of the human body, which can be found in each of the gardens.

Willka T’ika is the ideal retreat while touring the Sacred Valley because there are numerous ancient Incan sites nearby. Gourmet vegetarian cuisine lovingly made by Quechua workers, genuine Andean healing arts, and trips to Machu Picchu, Cusco, the Sacred Valley and other Incan sites led by experienced professional guides are all included in the Willka T’ika Wellness programs

Aro Hā, Glenorchy

Image Courtesy by Aro Ha

This wellness retreat in New Zealand is encircled by the snowy peaks of the Southern Alps, designed to help its guests to regenerate their body and mind. Research reveals that by changing our everyday habits, we may transform our physical and emotional health, and that is what Aro Hā’s program aims to achieve. During your stay there, indulge into nutritious vegetarian cuisine that are rich in trace minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients.

Mindfulness techniques will be interlaced throughout your day as you participate in activities, from culinary activities to functional strength training. Aro Ha also encourages its guests to disconnect from technology, and focus only on your wellbeing. 

You would start your day off by waking up to the beautiful chimes of a Tibetan bowl and doing yoga while watching the sunrise over the mountains. Following a well balanced and healthy breakfast, you will hike the subalpine routes, immersing yourself in nature’s transformational force.

Ananda in the Himalayas

Image Courtesy by Traveller Made

Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, Ananda is an award winning destination spa resort that is tucked away in the Sal forest and overlooking the Ganges river valley and the spiritual town of Rishikesh. Ananda offers various programs that would suit all your needs, including Panchakarma, Yogic Detox, Weight Management, Chronic Pain Management, Stress Management and Active-Fitness. 

A typical day in the Ananda could start with a sunrise trek in and around Ananda, yoga lessons, visiting master talk to understand their healing techniques, spa treatments and gym sessions, followed by a cooking class. Ananda also offers an authentic Himalayan experience, from mountain treks with views of snow-capped Himalayan mountains to white water rafting on the Ganges River with rapids suitable for both first-timers and rafting veterans.

Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Image Courtesy by Traveller Made

Euphoria Retreat is located in Mystras, a charming hill village in Greece’s inner Peloponnese region, is a cooler escape from the plains and a gateway to the fantastic ancient wonders of the Byzantine fortress that overlooks it. 

Their signature “Feel Alive Again” program is designed to release pent up negativity, such as emotions, stress, tensions, and anxiety that may have been developed during the pandemic. You will be nurtured back to feeling normal again, renewed, rejuvenated and recharged – through a series of meditation, breath work, body work, journaling, creativity, symbolism, and surprises. With the aid of this program, you will feel safe and comfortable and prepared to embark on a new chapter with vigor, enthusiasm and purpose. 

Euphoria Retreat also offers its patented ‘3GLs’ bespoke eating plan. It is a customized meal plan that is measured from your glycogen, glucose, glutathione (the ‘3GLs’) through a blood test, to improve equilibrium, energy and health. It is said that many alike felt better in as little as three days through the ‘3GLs’ eating plan.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

Image Courtesy by Traveller Made

SHA Wellness is located in one of Europe’s most advantageous landscapes, overlooking the Mediterranean sea and in the center of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, with a fantastic climate of 330 days of sunshine a year. 

The SHA method is focused on assisting guests in achieving and maintaining their optimal state of health as well as maximizing their physical, mental, and spiritual potential. The secret is to integrate a number of important disciplines, allowing guests to improve and enhance our integrative health. 

SHA Wellness Clinic also offers a variety of programs that includes Rebalance, Healthy Aging, Optimal Weight and Advanced Detox. Furthermore, they also offer a series of natural therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Osteopathy, Hydrocolon Therapy and Energetic Health Assessment.

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